Dubsado Canned Email Pack


  • Lead/Inquiry Templates
  • Invoice Templates
  • Onboarding Templates
  • Offboarding Templates
  • PLUS! 16 BONUS templates that you can use to upgrade Dubsado's system emails. (I've included a video showing you where these are and how to update them.) 


20+ canned email templates that will take hours off your Dubsado setup time!


You will receive the link to a Google Doc that you can copy to your account and personalize before pasting into Dubsado!

Bonus: You'll receive a coupon code to save $50 off a workflow strategy with Amy where you can build a Dubsado workflow to automate sending all of these emails (and more.) 

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Dubsado Canned Email Pack

Customizing the email templates in our Canned Email Pack is a breeze and allows you to tailor each message to suit your unique business needs. Follow these simple instructions to personalize the templates.

1. Start by clicking the link to access the Google Doc and make a copy in your own account.

2. Next, edit the templates to suit your business needs.

3. Navigate to your Dubsado account and click the Canned Email section. Click Create new template.

4. Paste a canned email in the canned email editor.

5. Within each template, you'll notice dynamic fields surrounded by curly graphics (e.g., {{client.first.name}}). These fields automatically populate with client-specific information when you send the email, ensuring a personalized touch. Make sure that all the appropriate dynamic fields are there for the email that you're setting up. Ex. If you're sending a form, there should be a form link in the email.

6. Customize the greeting and signature sections by adding your name and brand details. Feel free to add a warm touch to your greetings and a professional signature for a lasting impression. Note: You can create your own email signature using the email signature button found at the top of the canned email section.


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